Email Notification Options


Email Notification options define settings and behaviour related to form submissions.

They are accessed via the Form Properties sidebar when editing a Form, by clicking on the Form icon towards the top right corner of the screen:
Gutenforms: Form Properties: Button

Clicking the Email Notification Options tab will reveal the available options:
Gutenforms: Email Notification Options

Send Email

If enabled, an email will be sent containing a copy of every successful form submission made using this form.


The To field determines which email address to send copies of successful form submissions to.

By default, this will be the Administration Email Address defined at WordPress Admin > Settings > General > Administration Email Address, but you can change this value to any valid email address.


The Subject field determines the subject message of the email notification, that is sent to the above email address for successful form submissions.

By default, this will be the Plugin Name (Gutenforms Contact Forms), plus the WordPress site’s name, but you can change this value if required.

From / Reply-To

The from, or reply to, address is determined by:

  • Adding an Email Field to the Form, and
  • Enabling the Email Field’s “Email Notifications: Use as Reply To Address” option:
    Gutenforms: Email Field: Email Notifications: Use as Reply To

An email field isn’t required for email notifications to work; you’ll only specify the above if you want the option to reply to the notification to email the person submitting the form.


Once you have updated your Email Notification Options, click the blue Publish or Update button towards the top right hand corner of the screen
Gutenforms: Publish Form
Gutenforms: Update Form